The Swampy Encounter

To marcus’ surprise, Natura had more to show him. The swampy arena awaits……

Ugh! Sorry I haven’t like put up a blog post in such a looooong time, thanks to all the projects and assignments coming up…

ANYWAYS, back to my topic, so we went to Pasir Ris Mangrove the other day (actually a few weeks ago…) to explore the hidden treasures within our own mangroves. Honestly, before I got to the mangroves, I had this stereotypical idea that mangroves are like those type places filled with leeches and creepy crawlies.


to my surprise, the mangrove swamp we went to was MUCH better than I thought it would be. Oh and here’s the map of the mangrove swamp!

(Haha, I forgot to bring my camera that day so these pics were taken from google, credits to them! :P)

Haha,  I remember having so much fun looking at the signboards such as the one above, mainly because of the really funny looking visuals put on them! 🙂

Back to my point, I saw MANY MANY interesting things there! I vividly remember the cute mudskippers, we saw halfway through our excursion there, but I’ve been wondering, WHY DID THE MUDSKIPPERS APPEAR SO LATE DURING THE TRIP? But I found out later that actually these mudskippers appear only when there is a sufficient amount of water around their vicinity, because they get their oxygen from the water and the murky waters can help them camouflage, thus escaping from their predators! I found this really cool and awesome because I just simply love the idea of how animals adapt to their environment by using the environment itself!

As you can see from the first picture, the mudskipper uses the water around it and the mud to camouflage itself! ISN’T THAT COOL?! Us humans should really learn how to use the environment to aid us instead of destroying it, we should learn how to build upon the beauty of nature instead of destroying it in order to “construct our dream world”! If Singapore ever takes down all our mangroves, it’ll be such a pity! D:

Other than that, I also remembered this scene where there were some small snail-like mollusks and a few bunch of crabs climbing up a tree trunk… like this

At first I thought that those mollusks were the crab’s offsprings and that the crab was protecting it’s offsprings, BUT apparently they were not related at all, they were just climbing up the tree trunk to avoid being eaten by fishes. But hey, that was a good hypothesis right? ^^

OHOH! And not to forget the ARCHER FISH! AND THE HALF BEAK!

I found these 2 fishes especially amazing because of their really really awesome features! Firstly, the archer fish can shoot water really far from his mouth to strike down it’s prey while the halfbeak can vacuum it’s prey his mouth! At first, I was like “whuuuuut, no way!” UNTIL, I saw the archer fish in action! Like OMG, it was awesome ahhaha, although I didn’t really see it hit anything, I still saw how far the water jet shot by, I think around like 1m or so? That’s pretty far for something as small as it’s size! (I would know, HAHA) Now I see where the idea of our water guns came from huh? It’s amazing to see the diversity and the creativity nature really has in store for us, I mean I wouldn’t think of using water jets to shoot down my prey right?! 😀

Actually, all in all, it was a rather meaningful experience and I HAD FUN! YEAH! (mostly the fun part! :P) I really like exploring the mangroves alot and looking at how animals adapt there! MOST IMPORTANTLY, we all must learn that the mangrove is important in such a way that mangroves are home to a variety of birds. Such as Ospreys, wood storks, a variety of herons and egrets and they all make their homes in mangrove branches, without the mangroves, we wouldn’t be able to see so many migratory birds in Singapore! Haha, do I sound a little bit too excited? 😛

Coming to the end of the exploration, marcus thinks of what he can do to save the biodiversity of Natura.


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